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Contacts in Outlook or datasheets are a past time. Centralize all contacts and data in SIGMO and reduce your expenses of revision tasks, while your partner at the destination will simply update information for you. Request services on an outstation with just a few clicks. SIGMO will search for the right contacts and perform the transmission.

Flight delays and cancellations are very cost-intensive, therefore it is desirable to avoid these as much as possible. SIGMO illustrates all these situations, like aircraft on ground with detailed information and actual status. Operational restrictions are published, to get a continuous reminder for the operational departments.

Control and regulate reported aircraft defects of your fleet and channel into a single source. Use SIGMO for defect assignment to an engineer, who needs to perform the repair. Continuous feedback makes you aware of the situation and reduces the risk that some information drops out of the loop.

You are becoming busy in unscheduled ground time due to a technical reason? The company management asks for status and you need to send an engineer to the destination as soon as possible? SIGMO assists you and both tasks can be done at the same time.

Changing weather situations at the arrival airport may shuffle your flight schedule very spontaneously. Keep an overview with SIGMO get your personal weather report with all runway, sight and wind details. Additionally, all weather critical airports are displayed on a warning page.

After publishing a new destination, SIGMO gets in contact with your partner at the destination to renew and update all necessary data for a punctual operation, which normally takes just a few minutes. After all updates have been performed, you will be notified by the system.

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SIGMO Modules

Mobile Connect – SIGMO App

Stay connected to SIGMO with your mobile device and interact with main operational modules wherever you are.

The functions cover information imperative for management board and also all daily business demands for pilots and engineers.

SIGMO provides universal mobile interfaces as web app, as well as Apple iOS apps (with push notifications) published in Apple Store.

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Austrian Technik, the maintenance department of Austrian Airlines uses SIGMO since 2007 and was a big partner during test phase.

From 2009 SIGMO was launched at the operational departments of Austrian Airlines and further on from 2012 at Tyrolean Airways.

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